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Bestseller Josh Malerman makes his third appearance on the podcast with Daphne. His latest paranormal thriller, he uses expert character development and scarily accurate depictions of anxiety to make the novel truly come alive. Josh is a NYT bestselling author well known for his debut novel, Bird Box, which was adapted for film by Netflix. To preorder Daphne, which releases tomorrow, follow the link below.


Josh Malerman is a New York Times best selling author and one of two singer/songwriters for the rock band The High Strung, whose song “The Luck You Got” can be heard as the theme song to the Showtime show “Shameless”. His book Bird Box was made into a Netflix film of the same name, starring Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich. He has been nominated for 8 Bram Stoker Awards and has written 36 books, many of those (14) prior to the publication of Bird Box, his debut. Daphne will be his 11th published book. He lives in Michigan with his fiancee, the artist/musician Allison Laakko.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why Daphne started as a novella
  • How he avoided bloating the novel
  • How to synthesize your interests when writing
  • How he plays with time and setting
  • The importance of death in Daphne


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  1. Christopher Wills

    2 years ago  

    Great interview today. Not a fan of slasher novels or movies but for some strange reason this one sounds interesting. It’s on my to-read list and I will watch the film when it comes out. No idea why this story sounds interesting. Maybe it’s the name Daphne – it reminds me of Scooby Doo. I also love the story of dogs not wanting to die in front of their owners. Is that ironic juxtaposition?
    Interesting discussion about POV – I might try and write a short story in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the same story – JD might know, but I have a feeling Dracula was written like this because of the epistolary format – long time since I read it and I don’t have a copy to check.
    I love the idea of trunk novels – I have a trunk (Scrivener) full of novels, finished but unpublished, including a postapoc novel – watch out Zach… When I think I am a good enough writer (possibly there now) I will rewrite some and self-publish them.
    You have given me a great idea for a slasher novel. Three writing friends set up a writing retreat in a house in the woods, recently refurbished after a rapper trashed it. And a recently deceased Queen comes back to life and kill the writers one by one…
    Love the show.

    1. J. Thorn

      2 years ago  

      LOL! So glad we didn’t offend you with our opening chat πŸ™‚

      1. Christopher Wills

        2 years ago  

        No offence taken, friend. I am a stoic.

  2. susan

    2 years ago  

    great show – as always – no offence taken

    At least we didn’t vote in our geriatric – and the queen never fell asleep in public

    1. J. Thorn

      2 years ago  

      True! LOL!

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