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What does it take to succeed as a writer? Join hosts J.D. Barker, Christine Daigle, Kevin Tumlinson and Jena Brown as they pull back the curtain and gain rare insight from the household names found on bookshelves worldwide.

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On this bonus episode of Writers, Ink, JP chats with The Boogeyman director Rob Savage!

Rob Savage is a British director, screenwriter, editor, producer, and creator of the viral screenlife horror hit Host. Released exclusively through Shudder on July 30, 2020, Host received largely positive reviews from critics, who praised its themes of social anxiety, its jump scares, and the chemistry of its acting ensemble. It has a notable 99% rating on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes and was included on Time magazine’s list of the “17 Great Movies You May Have Missed This Summer”. [source]

His latest film, The Boogeyman, adapted from a Stephen King short story of the same name, is in theaters now!

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