Writers, Ink Podcast: Episode 73 – The Power of Personal Branding with Jeniffer Thompson

The Power of Personal Branding

The Power of Personal Branding with Jeniffer Thompson

Authorpreneur Jeniffer Thompson knows how to harness the power of personal branding. Through various books and speaking events, she teaches authors around the world how to find their voice, attract their desired readers, create a sustainable online presence, and ultimately find success while being authentic. Jeniffer is well known for running Jeniffer Thompson Consulting and Monkey C Media, both consulting firms that help authors through the publishing process. Her latest publication, How to Write a Professional Bio: For Authors, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs, is available below.

From JenifferThompson.com:

Jeniffer Thompson is a personal branding expert, digital marketing strategist and host of The Premise podcast. She is an award winning author and speaker who delivers strategy-rich content and actionable tools that educate and empower authors. With a BA in Journalism from SDSU, Jeniffer is an ardent believer in the power of storytelling—she is always looking for, or telling, a story. She believes that story has the power to develop a greater sense of empathy, transform us, and build community. Jeniffer is passionate about helping authors establish highly visible brands. She and her husband, Chad, co-founded Monkey C Media in 2004 and have been creating award-winning book cover designs and author websites ever since. They specialize in author services that integrate digital marketing strategies and engage readers all over the world.

Whether you’re traditionally published or indie, writing a good book is only the first step in becoming a successful author. The days of just turning a manuscript into your editor and walking away are gone. If you want to succeed in today’s publishing world, you need to understand every aspect of the business – editing, formatting, marketing, contracts. It all starts with a good book, then the real work begins.

Join international bestselling author J.D. Barker and indie powerhouses, J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon, as they gain unique insight and valuable advice from the most prolific and accomplished authors in the business.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How Jeniffer started Monkey C Media
  • How to find your voice
  • The importance of balancing authority, personal style, and online visibility
  • Why you should take inspiration from successful authors
  • The other side of budgeting


J. D. Barker – http://jdbarker.com/

J. Thorn – https://theauthorlife.com/

Zach Bohannon – https://zachbohannon.com/

Jeniffer Thompson – https://jenifferthompson.com/

Monkey C Media https://monkeycmedia.com/

How to Write a Professional Bio by Jeniffer Thompson https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B081J8MW89/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p1_i0

Story Rubric – http://storyrubric.com  

Nonfic Rubric – http://nonficrubric.com  

The Career Author Summit 2021 – https://thecareerauthor.com/summit2021/ 

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4 thoughts on “Writers, Ink Podcast: Episode 73 – The Power of Personal Branding with Jeniffer Thompson”

  1. Loved the show today, this could have been recorded for me. I’m creating a brand around my attempts at writing a bestselling book. I have a pen-name based on the brand which is Gothic stories. The beauty of Gothic is it is both wide and specific: there are tropes, but at the same time Gothic includes horror, romance, psychological thriller, murder mysteries (not cosy) and YA.
    I’m currently writing vampire which includes horror and romance; I’m planning a witch series and I’m going to republish a YA ghost book I self-published, as the first in a new series.
    Gothic is distinctive enough for a brand whilst at the same time is wide enough to suit my eclectic writing tastes.
    You and Zach might think about writing under the Gothic banner, you have both written horror, and killer fact here – you wear black t-shirts. 🙂
    Great show today guys.

  2. I know I’ve said this before, but I love thinking about branding, especially when it comes to personal style. I could totally see myself offering it as an author service at some point. This was a fun listen.

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