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What does it take to succeed as a writer? Join hosts J.D. Barker, Christine Daigle, Kevin Tumlinson and Jena Brown as they pull back the curtain and gain rare insight from the household names found on bookshelves worldwide.

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Adapting Stephen King for Television with Peter and Jason Filardi

Adapted from Stephen King’s “Jerusalem’s Lot”, Chapelwaite is a true gothic horror tale. Throughout the television series, the Filardi brothers use elements of slow-burning suspense, specific dialogue choices, and world-changing decisions to bring Captain Charles Boone and the strange town of Preacher’s Corners, Maine to life. Peter and Jason Filardi are both accomplished screenwriters who’ve worked on the likes of Bringing Down the House, 17 Again, The Craft, and more. To catch season one of Chapelwaite, follow the link below.

Whether you’re traditionally published or indie, writing a good book is only the first step in becoming a successful author. The days of just turning a manuscript into your editor and walking away are gone. If you want to succeed in today’s publishing world, you need to understand every aspect of the business – editing, formatting, marketing, contracts. It all starts with a good book, then the real work begins.

Join international bestselling author J.D. Barker and indie powerhouses, J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon, as they gain unique insight and valuable advice from the most prolific and accomplished authors in the business.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to adapt stories for different mediums
  • How to co-write remotely
  • Why not to be too precious with an idea
  • How to raise suspense past the limit
  • The behind-the-scenes of screenwriting


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  1. Christopher Wills

    3 years ago  

    Fascinating interview. What a great relationship between the two brothers. Must be amazing to work with someone in tune with yourself. Interesting to learn that one of them is a comedy writer.
    Looking forward to watching Chapelwaite.
    I have spent my whole writing life digging myself into holes and then having to write myself out of them because I love the hole and I refuse to fill it in. Forcing oneself to write through it has produced some of my best ideas.
    There’s a part in Hollywood perfect for you J. Forrest Gump 2. Stunt man for the running across America on lonely road shots. With your beard you are a perfect body double. 🙂
    Great show today.

    1. J. Thorn

      3 years ago  

      Ha! I could definitely do a Forrest running across the desert.

      Chapelwaite is amazing. You’ll love it.

  2. SA Schneider

    3 years ago  

    Based on J and JD wanting to watch on their bigger screens, we watched it. Curse you. Amazon gives you the first 2 episodes – but if you want the rest, you need to subscribe to Epix! LIke I need another streaming service!
    But you’re right – it is so good. One of my favorite Stephen King short stories giving loving care and expanded into a story that felt right. We all know how bad King adaptations can be. Not this one.
    Captured everything good about the story. And that’s just the first 2 episodes!
    So – Epix streaming – here I come.

    1. SA Schneider

      3 years ago  

      Oh, and Zach – totally agreed with everything you said about the interview and the brothers writing it. Spot on.

    2. J. Thorn

      3 years ago  

      So glad you liked it!

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