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The Benefits of Writing in the Morning with H.M. Gooden

As a mother of small children and a vivid lucid dreamer, H.M. Gooden needs to wake up early. Regardless, she knows early writing can be beneficial to many because morning-writers tend to self-edit less, their dreams and ideas are still fresh, and they can easily dictate while brewing coffee or making a commute. H.M. published her first book, Dream of Darkness, in 2017 and has published almost twenty more stories since. Her upcoming novel, A Destiny Found, releases later this month.


In October of 2017, her love of writing and the characters in the world she created burst into public view in her first book, Dream of Darkness, which follows the adventures of a group of girls fighting evil with abilities that H. M. Gooden would love to have. When not writing fantasy, H. M. Gooden writes non-fiction pieces exploring the emotions and situations that arise in her day job as a rural family doc. As a result, 4 am has never been busier, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whether you’re traditionally published or indie, writing a good book is only the first step in becoming a successful author. The days of just turning a manuscript into your editor and walking away are gone. If you want to succeed in today’s publishing world, you need to understand every aspect of the business – editing, formatting, marketing, contracts. It all starts with a good book, then the real work begins.

Join international bestselling author J.D. Barker and indie powerhouses, J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon, as they gain unique insight and valuable advice from the most prolific and accomplished authors in the business.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How H.M. uses recurring dreams in her stories
  • Why urban fantasy is becoming so popular
  • How to define what genre you’re in
  • The importance of learning from your readers
  • How dictating can help flesh out ideas


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  1. Christopher Wills

    3 years ago  

    Enjoyable interview today. I dream a lot, sometimes more than one dream a night but I never attempt to understand what they represent. I suspect they are something to do with the encyclopaedia of the mind categorising and reordering data by creating and strengthening synapses which causes both new and old data to interact, hence the dream. Best left alone but great story fodder if one can remember them – notebook by the bed helps.
    I love the idea that the editor is still asleep early in the morning; I’ve always believed first thing is the best time to write. My advice to H. M. get your kids interested in computer games 😉.
    Not sure about more subscription services – they will exist yes, because it’s money for nothing for companies – they don’t need to market to consumers because they are already paying for the services. I suspect in the near future personal finance gurus will be telling people to check out the subscriptions services they barely use. Convenient, but like gym or golf club membership they need a lot of commitment and attention to get money’s worth from them.
    Great interview today.

    1. J. Thorn

      3 years ago  

      Thanks, Chris. Most of my dreams frighten me so probably best not to record those anywhere. LOL!

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